Le Groupe Yvan Frappier

Le Groupe Yvan Frappier, a unique and diversified business,
builds upon the strength of a multidisciplinary team recognized for its expertise in industrial construction both on worksites and at its facilities.

fields of mechanics | boilermaking | piping
steel structures | preventive maintenance

Leader in worksite industrial construction, specializing in the fields of mechanics, boilermaking, piping, steel structures, preventive maintenance, industrial insulation, and scaffolding, this Division has a proven record of high efficiency for work performed during plant shutdowns.

fabrication and the reconditioning
of mecano-welded metal parts

Specializing in the fabrication and the reconditioning of mecano-welded metal parts, this Division also produces custom-made components such as tanks, exchangers, and chimneys.

high precision work
for a variety of very large parts

Dedicated to high precision work for a variety of very large parts, this machining and mechanical fabrication facility uses sophisticated and state-of-the-art equipment to work on ferrous and non-ferrous alloys and stainless steel.

union-made fabrication
of industrial piping

Drawing from a strong expertise and cutting-edge technology, union-made fabrication of industrial piping, this Division applies high quality standards in every step of its projects.

fields of mechanics | boilermaking | piping
structure and preventive maintenance | insulation of industrial
piping and installation of scaffolding

A leader in industrial and commercial construction, this Division specializes in various fields, such as insulation of industrial equipment and piping, inspection and repair of chimneys, and leasing and installation of scaffolding.

maintenance | industrial maintenance

A reference in mechanical and industrial maintenance, this Division has succeeded in developing a first rate expertise in plant shutdowns work. Clients can expect professional services in repair and installation of industrial piping and tanks. Security systems such as the fabrication of guardrails, safety rails, and staircases, are also available.

Inspection | repair of chimneys

An experienced team specializing in inspection, maintenance, installation and repair of chimneys, towers and water tanks, and systems against lightning.